Everything To Do With Digging

What kind of equipment does your company use to dig holes?

We use a compact yet powerful skid steer machine equipped with an auger head and appropriately sized auger drill bits. Our skid steer is designed to dig fence postholes and deck footings efficiently, effectively and with precision. We are also equipped with clam shell shovels, pry bars, shovels and other tools necessary for successful hand digging if required.

How much clearance does your machine require?

Our skid steer is pretty slim and requires 42 inches of clearance. That’s just 3 1/2 feet! If you are faced with special conditions, call us at: (905) 497-4653 and one of our agents will be more than happy to offer you solutions.

Will your equipment harm my lawn?

As long as the grass isn’t saturated or muddy, there should be no permanent damage to your lawn. If you are particularly concerned about your lawn, please make us aware so that we may take note and make the appropriate arrangements.

How deep will you dig?

In order to ensure your posts and footings are installed beneath the frost line, we must dig down to a minimum depth of 3 1/2 feet. However, we typically dig down to 4 feet for the added assurance that your posts and footings remain in the ground for many years to come.

How long do I have to wait before constructing my project?

It is recommended to wait a minimum of 24-48 hours before beginning construction to allow the concrete to fully set and cure. Colder weather will require a longer wait time. For an additional charge, we will use a quick setting cement which will allow construction to begin within two hours of our job completion.

Permits & Property Boundaries

Do I need a building permit for my fence project?

No.  You do not need a building permit to erect a fence on your property.  You will however need to check with your local municipality for height and front yard restrictions.

Do I need a building permit for my deck project?

Please check with your local municipality or contractor for requirements.  Generally speaking, if the deck is 24″ (or lower) above grade, a permit is not required.

Who will determine my property boundaries?

Site plans or land surveys are used to provide boundary measurements relative to your house.  Site plans are available with the purchase of your home from your real estate agent or from your municipal office.  Once we arrive on your site, we require at minimum, all corner post locations to be marked. Intermittent post locations are generally 8 feet apart.

All About “Locates”

What is a Locate?

A locate is the detection, marking and reporting of buried utility services such as natural gas pipelines, services, telephone, cable TV and internet as well as water and sewer connections. The locating of these lines prior to digging is the law.

How do I request a Locate?

You may contact Ontario One Call either online or by phone: 1-800-400-2255
to request this free service prior to digging. If we are digging for you, we will contact them on your behalf upon request. Please note that locates MUST be completed before we dig. It’s the law.

Please note: private gas lines, pool lines or septic tanks must be located services and Ontario One does not locate private services. If you are in need of private locator services, connect with us and we will refer you. (905) 497-4653

How long does it take to obtain a Locate?

Members of Ontario One Call will make all reasonable attempts to complete locates within 5 business days of being notified about the excavation. Please keep this in mind when anticipating your project completion date.

I am replacing my existing fence. Do I still need a Locate?

Whenever digging is required, locates are also required to fully comply with the law. It keeps you, your family and your neighbours safe as well as our team.

Payments, Deposits & Scheduling

How do I secure my booking for decks or fences?

Once your deposit is received, we will schedule your project start date!  Your materials will be ordered and will arrive a day or two prior to your start date.  Your lumber will be stacked on your driveway unless otherwise specified.  If you’d prefer it to be placed elsewhere, just let us know at the time of your deposit.  All deposits are non-refundable as we start the planning process right away for you.

What methods of payments do you accept?

We try to make things easy for our customers. That’s why we accept a wide range of payments.  Cash, major credit cards and debit or any combination of them are all acceptable forms of payment. 

What Are My Next Steps?

Contact us! 
Either by email or phone.  We are always happy to help. 
Office: (905) 497-4653   |   (647) 323-7770

Once we connect, we can discuss your project needs and a request to conduct utility locates for your property will be released immediately.
When we receive your locates, we will confirm your booking date and provide you with an estimated time of our arrival.

Once we complete your digging services we will conduct a site clean up and our manager on duty will request full payment at that time.  We leave and you enjoy the rest of your day!

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